Infrastructure of

Durgapur B.Ed College


Accommodation availability (measurement of each room to be given in sq.ft. with its utilization)
For Theoretical Classes
Classroom 1 804 Sq. Ft.
Classroom 2 808 Sq. Ft.
English, Political Science & Geography Classroom 325 Sq. Ft.
Bengali Classroom 875 Sq. Ft.
History & Sanskrit Classroom 625 Sq. Ft.
Total Area for Theoretical Classes 3437 Sq. Ft.
Any Other Accommodation
Principal Room 265 Sq. Ft.
Reception Area 2550 Sq. Ft.
Multipurpose Hall 2500 Sq. Ft.
Total Area for Other Accommodation 5315 Sq. Ft.
Staff Room
Total Area for Staff Room 521 Sq. Ft.


For Practical Classes
Life Science Classroom 750 Sq. Ft.
Physical Science Classroom 850 Sq. Ft.
Mathematics Classroom 650 Sq. Ft.
Total Area for Practical Classes 2250 Sq. Ft.
Library & Reading Room
Reading Room 808 Sq. Ft.
Library Stack Room 395 Sq. Ft.
Total Area For Library 1203 Sq. Ft.
Total Area for Office 705 Sq. Ft.
Students’ Common Room
Total Area for Student’s Common Room 1750 Sq. Ft.


Total No. Of Books (As Per Accession Register- Year Wise)
2012-2013 3113
2013-2014 (Added 303 Books) 3416
2014-2015 (Added 106 Books) 3522


Total No. Of Magazines/Journals Subscribed
Magazine & Newspaper
Magazine 2 Nos.
Newspaper 2 Nos.
Present Staff Position In The Library
Librarian No. of Staff: 1
Library Assistant No. of Staff: 1

Sufficient number of Text, Reference Books are provided to the students. Additional books are being purchased after the change in syllabus from last year. Journals are currently not subscribed but will be subscribed very shortly.


Area of each laboratory room
Physical Science Lab 425 Sq. Ft.
Life Science Lab 280 Sq. Ft.
Geography Lab 408 Sq. Ft.
Psychology Lab 425 Sq. Ft.
Total Area of Laboratories 1538 Sq. Ft.
Provision of water, gas and electricity supply and drainage.
Water Available
Gas Not Required
Electricity Supply Available
Drainage Available


No. of students working at a time in each laboratory.
No. of students working at a time
Physical Science Lab 20 Students at a time.
Life Science Lab 15 Students at a time.
Geography Lab 10 Students at a time.
Psychology Lab 20 Students at a time.
Play grounds, swimming pool, gymnasium, and other required accessories for indoor activity (to be shown in details with specifications).
Extra Facility
Play Ground Available 21025 Sq. Ft.
Swimming Pool Under Construction, 1200 Sq. Ft.
Indoor Activities Carom, Table Tennis, Chess, Music Facility.